2019’s biggest hair accessory trends!


From hairpins, headbands and to even barrettes, these 90s inspired accessories are making a huge come back. Now that you have carefully looked at your wardrobe and added all that you felt was missing from it, it is also about time you do the same with embellishments for your crown.

We have been seeing a lot of 90s inspired headbands and hairclips lately. The trend has been hugely adopted by our favorite influencers on the gram. There seem to be no signs of this trend ending any time soon. There is quite an astonishing number which is emerging in the space of fashion that you may want to add to your wardrobe. Take a look at this brief list of hair accessories or trends which you might be seeing everywhere.

Hair accessory, Headbands
Achieve a glamorous look with this crystal-encrusted headband. Image by Stylure

Revel in the excess of the Jumbo headbands

Headbands have progressed significantly since the last time they popped up during the time of Gossip Girl. Currently, they are huge, they are lavishly decorated, and they come in variegated textures, hues, and prints. Despite everything, we are seeing them all over Instagram, so we can anticipate that these larger than average hair accessories should stay for some time.

A lovely set of gold pearl-encrusted pins. Image by Belmto

Pins are an essential hair accessory…

A minimal pin for those who like to keep it simple. Image by Favorjewelry

Regardless of whether you have to secure a small piece of hair which hangs loose, or essentially add an unobtrusive enhancement to your hair, hairpins are a phenomenal choice. Their negative space impact adds a fascinating component to any haircut.

The revival of the Barrettes…

Hairpins, wardrobe
Look cute in this resin barette. Image from Belmto

Indulging heavily on accessories is nothing we have not seen before. Accessory layering and ring stacking have been around for quite a while, however, this degree of adorning is proceeding onward up to our heads. While hairclips may have been intended to keep hair set up and out of your face, this pattern is about adornment. It is also about utilizing something beyond a couple of barrettes to make this trendy look. It has been a hit among influencers and beauty editors, which implies that it’s about time that everyone began engaging in the trend.

Coordinate your outfit to match with your Scrunches

Hair accessory, 90s
Find the perfect outfit to go with your scrunches. Image from Etsy

Gone are the times of scrambling to discover a hair tie that matches your strands. No worries, the scrunches have arrived to save the day yet again. This hair accessory is now formally cool to wear. It is a bold and versatile tie that will both complement your outfit and stand out too. Create space in your wardrobe for each piece to match with your outfit.


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