How Rihanna went from almost bankrupt to the richest female singer!


The makeup and fashion mogul almost became penniless in 2009 after her former accountant misinformed her with terrible financial advice. This nearly this music artist becoming penniless and she lost 9 million USD thereafter in the same year. The beauty magnate would not take it lying down.

Out with the artist tag! Hello businesswoman!

Rihanna, beauty
Rihanna in a custom Oscar de la Renta gown. Image by Paul Morigi from Getty Images.

In 2014 she took her accountant, Peter Gounisvof Berdon, to court and was granted a $10 million settlement. Almost as if she was never bankrupt, with just $2 million to her name the mogul went on to expand her empire. Rihanna recovered even better than before and in the same breath became into the richest female artist on the planet. 

Businesswoman of the year!

This fortune was amassed through her music profession as well as through her beauty brand Fenty Beauty cosmetic line. Through this cosmetic line, she sells an inclusive range of makeup products. She also as recently opened her own fashion house called Fenty Maison. 

Bankrupt, Mogul
Rihanna smiles for the camera at the launch of Fenty Beauty. Image by Morigi Palu from Getty Images

As indicated by Forbes the mogul and multi-hyphenate procured a lot of her riches through her collaboration with French luxury company, LVHM. LVHM is also known to be home to several other famous brands i.e. Louis Vuitton, Moet Chandon, Marc Jacobs, Hermes, etc. which she worked with to create her beauty makeup line with it in 2017.

A woman who lives up to her own words!

Rihanna which is in actual fact pronounced as “Ri-Ann-ah” and not “Ri-Ah-Nah” as she once clarified on twitter, will in no time be named the first woman of color heading up a prestigious luxury fashion house. This is a noteworthy moment because the last time LVHM introduced a new high-end apparel brand was in 1987. The brand was Christian Lacroix.

Richest, Million
Rihanna in a beautiful tulles dress. Image by Marie-Claire

It is inspiring to see that being bankrupt could not bring the artist down. This instead served as the perfect experience to catapult her into greatness. By consequently becoming the world’s richest female artist. She certainly didn’t mince her words when she stated, “You see me I will be work, work, work, work, work, work.”! 



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