Gut health is the seat of your wellness and intelligence


Cells are made of DNA structure made of a membrane with a genetic material that responds to nutrients or anything that the body absorbs. Your body responds positively to minerals in organic superfoods such as herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

The body is made up of billions of cells that make the whole physiological structure of a human being to vibrate at a certain frequency. Vibrational frequency is important to understand in this instance because it is the state of being of body, mind or spirit. Naturally, the vibrational frequency should be at a fairly high level.

The minerals determine the body’s state of health and more

All foods consumed by the body goes into the gut first but they do not end there, neither do they serve the gut only. The digestive process starts from chewing, where the nutrients are absorbed into the body through the glands however the huge part of the digestion process takes place in the gut. Therefore any substances and minerals contained in the food consumed, affect the DNA structure which is genetic material of the cells.

Food that is compatible with your biological system

Organic superfoods: Herbs, vegetables, and fruits

Most people only remember the plant-based diet or herbs when their biological systems are out of balance to use them as medication. However, did you know that your food should be your medicine in such a way that you will not need “medication” to cure it? Our bodies should be fed at a cellular level through herbs, vegetables, and fruits, that are composed of minerals that favor the gut health and the overall DNA structure. It is about time we also realize that being sick is not natural and that feeling good is natural. Organic superfoods serve as medicine to the mind and body.

Your gut is connected to all organs of your body

Minerals or any substances including chemicals are absorbed into your body through glands that are found at the wall of all organs internally and externally. When you absorb any food substance it automatically gets absorbed into the body however, the gut is the seat of any absorbed substance to be distributed to parts of your body. When your body absorbs food which is not favorable to your system, such as chemicals, the body reacts in an unfavorable manner. This leads to various conditions that are out of balance with your overall wellbeing, such as diseases.

Toxic chemicals in food – know what you eat

The following chemicals are found in most big industry food in retail including well-known supermarkets.

  • Fluoride – is found in tap water, most bottled water, and most flavored drinks which directly affect your overall gut health which slows down your brain’s intelligence.
  • Nickel – found in most porridges, fake oatmeals, and some cereals. Nickel is metal so it obviously not compatible with a biological system.
  • Cadmium – this is normally found in refined grains, coffee, tea, and even paints.
  • Arsenopyrite with a chemical formula FeAasS also referred to as an Arsenic component found in the ocean food and weed killers. Weed killers may be absorbed into the food plants and the soil.

There are many more chemicals that are contained in foods, drinks and most of the substances we use on a daily basis. Ensure that you do research on the type of chemicals found in the food you consume daily. You have the right to know what is contained in what you consume, what affects the genetic material of DNA in your cells.


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