Fashion Skirts a lady should have in her closet!

Pleated, Foolproof skirt
A pleated skirt with sneakers. Image adapted from Honey Bee

A leopard print skirt is the year’s hottest must-have trending item for every fashion girl. It rose to notoriety in 2018, yet this viral trend has brought about a domino impact on the set of all animal-inspired patterns currently dominating the fashion industry. If you want to look innovative, you better get one for yourself to enhance the relevance of your outfit. While it is not exactly something to gripe about, this is not the only style you ought to have in your wardrobe.

Truth be told, there are a couple of styles we have witnessed sprung up which a lady should own this year. Prepared to refresh your closet with new must-have styles? Scroll down to see which one might be fitting for you.

Go wild with Animal Print!

Animal Print

Animal print, Leopard print
A soft brown Animal Print slip skirt. Image adapted from The honeybee by Andee Layne

The trending animal prints, particularly leopard print have demonstrated to be a much-needed refresher from your regular neutrals, giving texture to pretty much everything. Regardless of whether you pick the timeless leopard print or something that is trending, wear it with an easy-going T-shirt to chic pullovers and cardigans. Zebra is going to be the following big animal print trend. Add snake print to any outfit in your closet to give it that edge.

Channel your inner “sexy”!


Assymetrical, A-line silhoutte
A Cinnamon-colored Asymmetrical silky skirt. Image adapted from Nordstrom

This uneven skirt is a must-have even though it feels like a startling alternative contrasted with something like a high-low style or a timeless A-line silhouette, however, it likewise feels rather a bit romantic in a more modern way. If you would like your outfit to be more stylish, give your black skirt a little twist with the addition of an asymmetric hem.


Denim Skirt, Miniskirt
Stay edgy with a frayed denim miniskirt. Image adapted Urbanoutfitters

Swap out your ordinary pants with a cool denim skirt. This item has become more than just a viral trend, it is timeless! Regardless of whether it is a miniskirt or something longer, style these with a couple of timeless block-heels for any event.

Embrace timeless styles!


Pleated, Foolproof style
A brown pleated skirt styled with sneakers. Image adapted The Icon Issue

Pleated skirts are timeless pieces that guarantee you to be more stylish. In case you are searching for a foolproof style to wear to the workplace, you can never turn out badly with a pleated skirt. With a timeless texture and entrancing movement, a pleated skirt will knock some people’s socks off with each step.


Olive green, Ruffle Skirt
An olive green ruffle skirt. Image adapted from Fiveno

Searching for an increasingly dainty alternative for your closet? Look no more remote than a skirt with beautifully arranged ruffle detailing. Wear them to a chic garden party or a wedding to keep up with this viral trend.


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