Taiwan’s quintessential list of outdoor activities


Taiwan is a scenic island destination with sweet potato landscape shape, craggy coastline, abundant hot-springs and a haven for travelers. It’s consistently been a famous goal for other East Asian voyagers for its naturally alluring views, particularly YangMingShan, a beautiful national park that has the perfect trails for climbing.

Here are three things to do:


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Challenge yourself and climb the highest point of the mountains. Image by Yenpo Chen from Unsplash

Enjoy never-ending natural scenes

Taiwan is a destination filled with staggering national parks and trails appropriate for climbers of every skill. YangMingShan National Park is 30 minutes north of Taipei, where travelers can enjoy an ample scope of simple day climbs to browse from. The eight-mile trek to Lengshuikeng is one of the most scenic and balanced trails, finishing at a smooth lake with sulfur underground hot springs close-by for a leg splash. These hot springs are situated inside the Yangmingshan National Park.

This territory at the northern tip of Taiwan is home to cascades, lush fields and a sprinkling of volcanoes known as the Tatun Volcano Group. You can likewise attempt to go climbing other dazzling mountains, for example, Xueshan, the second most elevated mountain in Taiwan. Xueshan means Snow Mountain, and it is situated in the Shei-dad National Park, remaining at 12,750 above ocean level.


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A gloomy morning should not stop you from exploring the outdoors. Image by Treddy Chen from unSplash

Get proactive and do something outdoors

While it may amaze, Taiwan is a destination that has got outdoor that is cyclist-friendly with numerous lovely cycling pathways around the whole island. In the upper east, the Dongshan River Bicycle Trail by Yilan, is an incredible blend of nature and city paths.


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Revel in the mysticism of the sea. Image by Vicky N from UnSplash

The island is endowed with mountains that are ideal for more than climbing. Paragliding is well known and a preferred outdoor activity even by travelers. You can see the dazzling scenery from very elevated points

Don’t let your fears hold you back… Live it up!

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Go paragliding at Nantou. Image by Tomas Sobek adapted from unSplash

A large portion of the alternatives are bound, yet in the event that you have the mental fortitude, you can figure out how to do it without anyone’s help. Probably the most scenic and best spot to paraglide is in Nantou close Taichung. In the event that the wind course is great, you can see Sun Moon Lake and the Puli township.


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