Five types of heels you should have in your closet.


The correct shoe can put a kick in your step and those with an elevated platform are timeless essentials you need to achieve a chic aesthetic. However, nowadays, a lady has more height alternatives than an elevated stiletto. Each season, new styles dominate and wedge their way into our souls and pockets.

For a little boost and style directory of all the great heel types, keep reading to find out which style aesthetic one might be suitable for you!

Keep Old School with the Stiletto

The Stiletto

Shoe, Styles
Ladies rehearse walking in high “platforms”. Image by Kris Atomic from Unsplash

The stiletto is the most timeless and mainstream heel, named after the stiletto blade going back to the 1930s. It’s portrayed by a long, slim platform—frequently found on boots, siphons, and strappy shoes alike.

The revival of the “Grandma” shoe

The Kitten heel

Closet, Aesthetic
An exclusive pair of Kitten-like platforms. Image by Amanda Vick from Unsplash

Once observed as a “grandmother shoe,” the kitten heel resurgence came about when ladies began requesting relief over height. This shoe height is never again perceived as sloppy, yet it is now more seen as provocative. It comes in simple boots, exposed shoes, and even flip-flops.

Remain within your comfort with a pair of wedges

The Wedge

A high heel with comfort and well needed support for your ankles, wedges are a late spring staple since they are typically done in espadrille or canvas. Initially made as an orthopedic shoe alternative in 1935, the wedge has since turned into a timeless closet essential.

Wedge, Canvas
A pair of wedges with silver details. Image by Allyson Johnson from Unsplash

Be prepared for anything in Block platforms!

The Block heel 

Block Heels, Walk-ability
A lady poses in the suede pink block platforms Image by Natasha Kasim from Unsplash

The block heel has ascended in popularity and became common as a result of its walkability and flexibility. Wear them to work, for party time, or a night out for a definitive city stepping shoe. Styles of this kind characterized by the thick and square formed can come in high and medium height alternatives.

Keep it Timeless with a Slingback!

The Slingback

The beginnings of this exemplary shoe can be followed back to the primary appearance of the notable Chanel alternative. A slingback is characterized by a tie that crosses behind the lower leg or heel. The slingback can also be regarded as a pertinent closet essential as most women can be seen wearing it to work.


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