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A travel guide for your destination is the best solution for what would be a wonderful and ideal tour of a foreign country. Egypt is an ancient land of the pharaohs and an absolute landmark with not only one significant temple but with so many temples as well as astonishing pyramids. Every historical site is worthy of a visit.

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Tourists at the pyramids of Giza. Photo by Ahmed Ajmi from unSplash

Self-awareness is essential on any trip

1st day: The Pyramids of Giza
The pyramids of Giza are a top attraction in Egypt. Arrange with your travel guide to arrive before the actual start time of the event to get one of the limited tickets to visit the inside of the pyramids (not prescribed in the event that you experience the ill effects of claustrophobia). It is important to make your travel guide aware of your phobias, events, or activities that could potentially trigger you.

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A man entranced by the beauty of Lake Nasser. Photo by Leonard Von Bibra from unSplash

Travel back in time

2nd day: CAIRO
Take a day’s tour to Saqqara to see the ‘step’ pyramids which go back to the 27th century BC, a little before the incomparable Giza landmark. The site is more minimized than Giza and a portion of the walled complex has remained, just as tombs enlivened with carved reliefs. An unavoidable travel destination!

3rd day: ASWAN
Aswan is a green and charming city, yet the most outstanding feature of your stay will likely be a multi-day tour to the Temple of Philae on Lake Nasser’s Agilika Island. It was moved here when its unique island base was overflowed by the Aswan High Dam, yet is as yet an immensely atmospheric site.

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Marvel at the Temple of Ra-Harakhte. Photo by Ali Hegazy from unSplash

Explore Ancient Temples

4th day: ABU SIMBEL
Now, the tour of your travel destination is not complete without the marvelous temples. Fly up here as opposed to bearing the dusty taxi ride. This enchanting landmark with its two sanctuaries – the Great Temple of Ra-Harakhte, with its four goliath statues of Ramses II, and the Temple of Hathor, committed to Queen Nefertari – were likewise moved to the site when Lake Nasser was made.

Egypt is a country rich with the remains of its ancient civilization. It has been noted to have been one of the most advanced at the time. Fascinated with this travel destination? Why not go there?


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