Romania often gets a bad reputation for being a scary country. With the old world picturesque landscape, quaint villages and down-to-Earth people, it is puzzling why many are hesitant on coming here. This is the birthplace of Dracula after all, so that may have something to do with it!

In reality, the country of Romania is as diverse and beautiful as it can get – rich in history and heritage. It is also not overrun by mainstream tourism, and that is a good thing. As one of the most affordable destinations in Europe, you will see remains of a time gone by at every turn. Here are five reasons you should visit:

The towns are so colorful and charming

Visit Transylvania, where a multitude of towns have been lovingly restored to bring the past to the present. Colorful buildings, centuries old, rise up from cobblestone streets and many villages are at the foot of the mountains.

After spending a little time here, all thoughts of Dracula vanish as you marvel at the sights and sounds of Old-World Europe. However, if you do want to get just a small taste of vampires, visit the town of Bran and tour Bran Castle, which was one of the inspirations for Bram Stoker’s story.

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Bran Castle

The mountains have a seduction all their own

The Carpathian Mountains carve a backwards “C” through the middle of Romania, and serves as a dramatic backdrop to much of the landscape. As you travel through the countryside, the mountains are never very far away as you discover regal castles, proud churches and monasteries. The virgin forests here represent Europe’s last true wilderness territory.

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Carpathian Mountains


Not only does Romania’s capital have stunning architecture, but cafes, farmers markets and vibrant nightlife. The residents are generally warm and friendly, and are happy to share a conversation with you about their great city. Visit places such as the Gallery of Modern Art, the Palace of Parliament (the world’s largest) and explore the historic Old City on foot. This is where much of the city’s nightlife is located.

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Appreciate medieval history with castles

Take a tour of the castles of the country. In addition to Bran Castle, visit Peles Castle (about two hours north of Bucharest) and a symbol of the Romanian royal family. Castles and churches are dispersed throughout Romania; each one with its own rich history and unique story to tell. The medieval architecture has inspired such pop culture gems as Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. Others not to miss are the citadel of Alba Iulia and Corvin Castle in western Romania.

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Peles Castle

Relax on the Beach

The Black Sea coast is a popular area and stretches 244 km along the southeastern coast of Romania. Mamaia is a very nice beach resort, located on a strip of land in the Black Sea, and is known for its active nightlife scene. While this is an area of almost no full-time residents, you will want to come during the summer for the most activity.

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Mamaia, Romania

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