Forget 2018 — New games to coming in 2019


Summer. The time of year where the sun smiles upon us, bugs and beasts alike come out to play, and humans all stay inside playing games. Make sure you have your summer gaming schedule, including the newly announced PC games that are actually coming out this year.

After the bumper year that was 2018, it might seem that 2019 can top it. There are some fantastic releases lined up though, from Bioware’s action MMO Anthem, to a new Pokemon game from Nintendo. As new release dates are announced, we’ll be sure to add to the list, same with any pesky delays that are announced. Let’s take a look at what we can expect from 2019.

Doom Eternal

Id Software’s Doom Eternal is shaping up to fulfill all of the expectations we have for a Doom game. It’s bound to look stunning and, in an added twist, it’ll be one of the launch games for the new Google Stadia game streaming platform.
Doom Eternal release date: November 22

Monster Hunter World: Icebourne

Monster Hunter World was the moment that the Monster Hunter franchise, an esoteric Japanese series with a smaller dedicated Western following, became a global hit. It’s now the best-selling game in Capcom’s history, with 13 million copies sold. Monster Hunter’s core gameplay is simple: upgrade your gear to hunt down increasingly powerful monsters, which drop increasingly powerful gear. The clue to the difference here is in the title: the world of the latest Monster Hunter is gargantuan and open. This latest expansion pack, which comes out in September, promises greater difficulty and, of course, many many more huntable monsters.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

EA has totally bungled the lucrative Star Wars license up to now, delivering two so-so Battlefront games famous mainly for awful microtransaction shenanigans. Upon this backdrop comes Fallen Order, a single-player action game being developed by Respawn Entertainment, the talented folks behind the Titanfall series and Apex Legends. It’s exactly what fans have been clamouring for and the story, which sees you play one of the last surviving Jedi after Order 66, is a great place to start.

LOW – Land of War

A new game launched by Gamercruel Ltd in collaboration with Aptechmedia Games Company. Lead your brave clan of heroes into war against Zombies, Aliens and Predators. The world is going through an apocalyptic crisis. The evil that has taken over the world, in this exciting shooting game for PC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices! Immerse yourself in non-stop action as you explore realistic on 3 level- Zombies, Aliens and Predators, with HD graphics and amazing special effects. Welcome to Land of War, the best free shooting game for PC and Android !

With the arrival of worst enemies from space, aliens have caused enormous destructions upon human species. With their powerful technology, our loved ones are abducted in plain sight, forced to submit to their tests and tortures. So help us fight for it. You are given the chance to be a hero. So take your guns, we are going to war !

Have a Fun !

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