Travel Destination: The land of the Thunder Dragon!


    A trip to the land of Thunder Dragon as your travel destination is one that will grant you a special kind of experience which is a must-have on your travel plan. Your travel itinerary should be one that also includes faraway mystical lands because of the element of an out-of-this-world experience. A vacation to this uncharted destination could be life-changing and horizon-broadening as the land has managed to remain untainted from western culture in a way that many countries have not managed to. Hence its ability to provide the quintessential travel adventure. Include the land of Thunder Dragon on your bucket list and defy the superficial notion of what a vacation should look like!

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    Bhutan, Thunder of the Dragon. Image by World Expeditions

    Bhutan (Drukyul) the land of Thunder Dragon lies along the rolling edges of the eastern Himalayas. The Bhutanese call their home Druk Yul or “Place where there is the Thunder Dragon” in their local tongue. Still not convinced it’s a trip worth taking? The land is governed by the Oxford-educated King Jigme Wanghuck and his delightful spouse, Jetsun Pem, the nation appreciates a loving association with its government.

    This mystical place of wonder joins China and India

    This travel destination is a landlocked nation adjoining with China in the north and North West and India in the East, West, and South. In spite of the fact that it just estimates 110 miles from North to South and 200 miles from East to West, this travel adventure is home to an astonishing assortment of climates and biological system.

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    Mystical Bhutan is near the Himalayan mountains. Image by World Expeditions

    This quaint country is a destination favored with rolling hills, high peaks, green valleys and thick backwoods with various types of widely varied vegetation is commensurate to Switzerland both in size and geography. Bhutan’s uniqueness in way of life is the aftereffect of virtual seclusion from the remainder of the world, which makes it a special travel adventure. Notwithstanding, the new idea of Gross National Happiness guarantees each resident is euphoric.

    The Bhutanese honor the culture and customs

    This idea is picking up fame on the planet and this destination has become known as a nation of Gross National Happiness. Will a trip to this Bhutan increase your own personal happiness? We don’t know but taking a vacation there will be quite the adventure that should be your travel plan. The nation is on the way of modernization and globalization without compromising their extraordinary culture, customs, and frameworks that Bhutanese individuals hang live by. Its people, culture and religious celebrations are an attestation to a rich lifestyle which has changed next to no for more than 1000 years.

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    Two men having a chat at the Taktsang Lhakhang temple. Image by World Expeditions

    To conclude your travel itinerary, you would need to visit this travel destination’s most lasting portrayal which is the Taktsang Lhakhang or the Tiger’s Nest temple, a consecrated journey site. Roosted like a hawk’s home, an amazing 3,000m up a precipice face, the temple is an invigorating and gratifying trek which positions itself as an activity worth experiencing.

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    Bhutan dancers. Image by travel Ampersand Travel

    Bhutan’s moniker is befitting, it is truly a dragon of legend, reluctant to be restrained but as overwhelming as any legendary animal can be. Add this wonderful travel destination to your travel itinerary, because this mystifying land is truly one worth visiting and should definitely be on your travel bucket list.



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