TRAVEL INSURANCE: understand the underlying details to protect yourself before signing for one


Travel insurance should fill a gap when traveling in terms of any unforeseen events that may occur. Traveling without one is not just risky but you could find yourself stranded on vacation in case of natural disasters away from home when you have overlooked terms and conditions of the policy.  

While you understand this important fact, it is detrimental that before you sign up for one, that you prudently acquaint yourself with its travel terms and conditions, what the insurance is liable for and to what extent you are protected.

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Are you covered for canceling your trip due to severe weather? photo by Sergiu Jurga on UnSplash

The following are not covered or are partially covered in the travel insurance:

  • Missing a flight or being late is not covered by most travel insurance policies except if you get involved in an accident as it is beyond your control. This accident has to be one that takes place on your way to the airport. This depends on the details on the terms and conditions of the policy.
  • Natural disaster: unforeseen events or natural disasters may be severe to a point of causing damage or loss but if there is no damage or loss caused, the insurance will not cover this. This will depend on what your insurance regards as damage.
  • No trip enjoyment: if a hurricane or heavy rain affect your planned activities but not cause any damage to you, the insurance does not cover lack of enjoyment.
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Personal emergencies causing you to cancel your trip? Will you be reimbursed? photo by Assama Azam on UnSplash

The benefits should be outlined in the terms of coverage

  • If a natural disaster occurs during your trip, for example at your destination location, before you even arrive, the benefits will start to count.
  • If fire, floods or natural disasters affect your home and prevent you from taking the trip causing you to cancel it, your benefits may start to roll in depending on your insurance policy.
  • If a natural disaster damages your vacation residential home before you embark on the trip, causing you to cancel the trip, your cancellation benefits apply in this case.


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